Green Leafy Machine

Welcome to The Green Leafy Machine™

The 2018 Green Leafy Machine by GreenFeedTech is outfitted with all the tools needed for high-volume, consistent harvests. With innovative climate control technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment is achievable 365 days a year, regardless of geographic location.


Quick Setup

The GLM™ is fully equipped with all components needed for immediate production, so you can get growing in no time.

Year-round growing

Using smart climate controls, a perfect growing environment is achievable year-round, regardless of geographic location.

Remote Monitoring

Tracks real-time data for key growing system variables like CO2, humidity, water, and nutrients.

A new way to farmFeatures of the 2018 Green Leafy Machine™

Seedling Area

Stainless steel workbench is outfitted with a custom seedling growth area. Unlike traditional farming, here you can plant and harvest while standing up.

Vertical Crop Columns

The 2018 GLM has lightweight crop columns and the overhead track makes moving columns easy.

Automation System

This system allows farmers to automate functions using real-time data from sensors and in-farm cameras. Control your GLM™ remotely at your convenience.

LED Area

High efficiency LED grow lights in the seedling and mature growth areas provide crops with only the optimal wavelengths of light required for photosynthesis.

Irrigation System

The GLM uses 90% less water than traditional farming methods. Our closed-loop hydroponic system delivers nutrient-rich water directly to the plants’ roots.

Controlled Environment

The GLM is equipped with environmental sensors that monitor water, climate, and lighting conditions in the farm.

System SetupWhere can you setup?

The GLM™  is a fully assembled, vertical hydroponic farming system which can be built inside a 40-ft. shipping container, on rooftop, in the basement or any other space.

Our product range includes a wide range of fully automated vertical leafy vegetable machine in different sizes as per the requirment.

Growing Green Machine Leafy Vegetable lettuces