About Us

GreenFeedTech Hydroponics is based in Mumbai, formed in 2017 and founded by the Dedhia family with a vision of using Commercial Hydroponic Technique to grow Organic Exotic Leafy Vegetables, Microgreens, Herbs and Spices.

GFT’s business model is effective and has a promising future. Trials of a variety of exotic leafy vegetables have been completed and they show immense promise. All areas have been taken good care of and GFT is now ready for a full-scale commercial growing.

GFT’s Consultancy model includes Turnkey Consultancy and working on deliverables like location, siting & layout of hydroponic systems, hydroponic structures and its working, water quality, EC & pH, basic hydroponic systems & components, crop varieties, media types & characteristics, plant structure, nutrition & nutrient management, hydroponic management program, production scheduling etc.

Our Vision

To see a world full of simple yet effective Hydroponic Commercial System that sustains the food and nutrition needs for every family in the next fifteen years using affordable Hydroponic technologies.

Our Mission

GreenFeedTech Hydroponics has a two-fold mission:

  • To produce high quality and nutritional plants for consumption in both local and international markets
  • To create opportunities for leadership and highly productive teamwork for the people working on this project.

Promoters & Management of the Company

Mr. Ashwin Dedhia

Mr. Akshay Dedhia

Mr. Kaivan Dedhia

Other Management Personnel

Lt Cdr (retd) CV Prakash - India’s top Agronomist and Horticulture Professor

A full spectrum Hydroponics Consultant with 16 years of rich experience as a Hydroponic/Soilless Grower, Trainer and Auditor and Project Management expertise. India’s pioneer in Hydroponics. Technical Advisor for government bodies and corporates in the sphere of Hydroponics. An acknowledged leader in the field in India and abroad.