Welcome to GreenFeedTech Hydroponic

GreenFeedTech Hydroponics (GFT) uses Commercial Hydroponic Technique to grow Spices.

We grow in simplified & high-tech polyhouses with controlled environment, automation and completely sterile growing media. There are number of issues with the traditional agricultural system that exists today and GFT is now able to solve them.

Here’s how GFT’s technology is improving farming:

Our method of growing allows us to grow 365 days of the year, totally independent of weather and seasonality. Our passionate and motivated team have been working to find the most balanced natural way to cultivate the best residue free farming crops. From seeding to harvesting we grow our crops with proven excellence in taste and outstanding self-life.

Future is of cleaner, healthier and sustainable crops. Our aim is to produce crops always respecting our environment by creating a new methodology of farming. This revolutionary hydroponic farming will help our future generation to get pure and heathy food which is pesticide free. Our production house is 100% hydroponic soilless cultivation which translates into better food safety and consistent quality.

Using GFT’s operating system, we can ensure that all our plants have exactly the required nutrients that they need and the healthiest of ecosystem. With the consumers today, you see a desire to have a higher-quality product and a desire to have a product that’s not only better for them, but also just grown in a more responsible and sustainable way.